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Smolensk Region is a part of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation bordering on Moscow, Kaluga, Bryansk, Pskov and Tver regions of Russia, as well as with Mogilev and Vitebsk regions of Belarus. The region is 49,786 sq. km in area and 975,188 people (2013) in population. The regional center is Smolensk located on the key route M1 at the distance of 365 km from Moscow.

  • 49 779 km2 Area

  • 975 000 people Population

  • 183 bin rubles Gross regional product

  • 22% Manufacturing share

This region is the most important transportation and communication cluster due to the shortest motor and railway route from the largest Russian city to Europe. Boundary position, proximity of Moscow, developed transport and communications infrastructure provide a competitive advantage. Developed industry is provided by high human potential, network of educational institutions and high energy supply in the region.

  • 52% Economically active population

  • 46 000 Yartsevo

  • 44 000 Safonovo

  • 13 000 Verhnednepropetrovsky

  • 10 000 Dorogobuzh population

Labor resources are planned to be attracted from both Safonovo and other cities of the Smolensk Region, in particular, from Smolensk. Within a radius of 50 km there are 4 settlements, including Safonovo, with a population of 10 to 50 thousand people, as well as smaller towns.

The region is characterized by the well-developed vocational and technical education. Training the personnel for the industrial park can be provided by Smolensk and Vyazma educational institutions.

Regional legal framework and investment policy of the regional authorities provide favorable conditions for business. The project is supported by the Administration of Smolensk Region and Safonovo.

Smolensk Region

The non-profit organization “Smolensk Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support” was established to support entrepreneurship and improving the investment climate, in particular, removing administrative barriers.

Providing the Safonovo Industrial Park with the status of a special economic zone in the future is being considered.

Today, the regional administration is also ready to support the Safonovo Industrial Park and its residents through financial instruments and tax benefits:

  • Budget loans and investments

  • Subsidies on loans, lease payments, and bonds

  • State guarantees

  • Investment tax credits



  • Income tax 15.5%

  • Property tax 0%

  • Transport tax 0%

  • Land tax 0%

Safonovo district

А he Safonovo district administration is ready to assist in connecting to communications and power grids, to provide favorable conditions for the land lease and to invest in the repair and construction of road infrastructure.

  • Investments in road infrastructure

  • Connection to energy grids

  • Providing the personnel

  • Preferential rates of land lease

Regional authorities are ready to provide the preferential tax treatment:

+7(910) 725-72-93
Taxes and charges levied within the Smolensk Region