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Land plots in the Industrial Park “Safonovo” are provided within two lands of 51.15 and 130 ha in area:

Land plot 1: 130 ha in area, is in municipal property of the Safonovo district, Smolensk Region

Land plot 2: 51.15 ha in area, is in property of AO “Avangard”


Land plots of 51.15 and 130 ha in area are located in close proximity (800 m) to each other and border on the AO “Avangard” territory in the north. The land plot of 130 ha in area is divided by power lines forming two adjacent plots of 50 and 80 ha in area.


Relief of all land plots is relatively flat, but in the land plot of 51.15 ha in area there are unfinished construction facilities significantly complicating the development without costly preparatory works.

Intended use

Settlement lands.

Permitted use

For industrial production.

Lease terms

Land plot of 130 ha in area:
Lease in Safonovo district for 49 years with option to purchase.

Land plot of 51.15 ha in area:
Lease in AO “Avangard” for 15 years with option to purchase.

Transport accessibility of facilities is based on the proximity of M1 Belarus federal highway and Moscow-Western Europe railway road:

Motor roads

M1 Belarus federal highway of 450 km in length to the border connects Moscow and Minsk. Currently, it is the only convenient alternative to M3 Ukraine federal highway. Its partial reconstruction is in progress.

Railway road

The main route from Moscow to the border with Belarus is 490 km in length.

Long-distance trains to Minsk, Brest, Vilnius, Kaliningrad, Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, and Paris.

The list of strategic priorities and directions of development of high-speed railway communications includes the arrangement of high-speed passenger carriages with a max speed of 160 km/h along the Moscow-Smolensk-Krasnoe-Minsk route (with extension to Warsaw and Berlin using Talgo railway vehicles).


In Smolensk there are 2 airports: Smolensk Yuzhny and Smolensk Severny (military). It is planned to reconstruct one of them. The exact dates are unknown. Currently, the nearest functioning airport is Vnukovo located in Moscow. The reconstruction of Kaluga airport is announced.

Routes from the Safonovo Industrial Park to M-1 road:

1st route:

two-lane operating road of 9 m in width with asphalt

to land plot 130 ha - 7.5 km,

to land plot 51.15 ha - 9.5 km.

2nd route:

existing road of 9 m in width with asphalt

to land plot 51.15 ha - 7 km.

3rd route::

two-lane operating road of 9 m in width with asphalt

to land plot 51.15 ha - 9 km.

Engineering infrastructure and existing facilities will provide in full the operation of resident enterprises:

In close proximity to both land plots there are gas pipeline, power lines, water supply and drainage pipes..

The proximity of existing engineering infrastructure makes it convenient to connect two land plots.

The existing energy infrastructure makes it possible to plan the connection of up to 35 MW and the required gas amount for the production needs.